Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sephora Interview!!!!!!!

Yay! So today I got a call back from Sephora to have an interview tomorrow! I haven't worked in almost 3 years! I'm so nervous! It's group interview so that's gonna make me even more nervous. I'm thinking of taking a portfolio with me of some of the looks i've done. (my hubby suggested it. Love you Babe!) Well i'm really hoping I get this job. I want a job so bad! Plus I would be working in an area surrounded with what I crave the most. MAKEUP!!!!! Aaah so wish me luck everyone!

Also did a new look today, almost exactly like Deanna ( except I didn't really use matte colors. Kinda shimmery and frost. Hope you all like! If you haven't checked her out.....YOU NEED TOO! She is awesome. Ok that's all for today.
Hand Hugs!

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