Saturday, December 5, 2009

So Far.......

Right now I am watching Spongebob with my lil girl and my husband is in the kitchen making dinner. I love when my man cooks. He makes good food even though we have little to choose from.
Lately I haven't been wearing makeup due to the fact that i'm sick. My nose is all runny and my skin is super dry. I've been having like 10 minute spas in my bathroom! Meaning, I would take my humidifier and fill it with warm water, add a teaspoon of salt and let it work its magic. I'd be sitting on the edge of the tub letting the steam hit my face, it works wonders for me. Afterwards I would use Johnson's baby oil as a moisturizer. But not too, just the size of a pea, I don't want to look like butterball.
ANYWAYS, my daughter is sick with fever and runny nose as well. She has been having fevers since Thanksgiving, we've taken her to the Dr. and Hospital and they tell us she needs no antibiotics. Just to keep giving her Tylenol and Motrin....sigh she is doing fine right now but we are monitoring her around the clock. I hate when she gets sick, I feel so helpless when I can't do anymore than I already have. I just want her to get better.
That's it for now I guess, like I said, i'll try and keep this updated as much as I can. Talking about makeup, product reviews, and random things.
Lots of love!

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