Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Sensation!

Ok, so lately my hair has been living off of sample shampoos and conditioners, courtesy of my mother. Since she is a cosmetologist, she and her company receive lots of free or discounted products to try. What I was given by her to try out and review were lots of hair products. From shampoos, heat protectors, leave in conditioners and "defrizzers", through out the years I guess you could say i've tried it all. Now, I would love to list all the things I got but, I'm only going to be discussing one product right now.
On to business, the product that stood out the most to me was this one here:

Sexy Hair's Chocolate Soymilk Shampoo.

What it does: Sulfate-free formula gently cleanses and nourishes all hair types without stripping color.

* Delicious chocolate milk fragrance
* Adds shine and smoothness
* Helps prevent color fading

Special ingredients: Chamomile, Nettle, Horsetail Extract

Fragrance: Chocolate Milk

Tips: Great for all hair types and ideal for daily use on color-treated hair. Follow with SoyMilk Conditioner.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the SoyMilk Conditioner :(, but i'll tell ya, I will for sure be buying this for myself. It smells delicious, just like chocolate. I had to call my husband into the bathroom just so he could smell it. He loved it. Hahaha! It just smelled sooo GOOD! And its not that kind of smell where its to overpowering and makes you or others feel nauseous. It has just the right amount of scent. So if you are the kinda girl who likes to smell scrumptious, then this shampoo is perfect for you.
It left my hair feeling silky, soft, and there was a definite shine to it as well.

Now you can buy these products from any professional salons that hold these products or to make it easier , just visit their website and look for a salon near you.
The price range I think is, from $20-$15 maybe less i'm not sure.

Anyways, This was a looooong blog. Wow, so yeah, if you ever get the chance to try out this product, or any product from the Healthy Sexy Hair line, let me know. Of if you have already.

Thank You so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day or evening!

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